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In 1981, Jack Betterly was taken on as an apprentice by Master Jeweler, John Romanation, training in both handmade jewelery and watch and clock repair. Upon his retirement, Mr. Romanation sold his business to Jack, who ran the store successfully for 17 years.

In 2003, Jack's hard work and success allowed him to spend more time at the bench and less time behind a desk, as he sold his storefront and started a small business out of his small farm in Eagle Mills, NY, The Brunswick Fine Jeweler and High Grade Clock Repair. Jack is now able to concentrate on repairing beloved heirlooms, including clocks, pocket watches, and jewelery, as well as designing and crafting bespoke jewelery, destined to become the heirlooms of the future.

Jack takes customers at his studio by appointment and makes house calls for a nominal fee.

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"I'm lucky to have a job that makes me feel so good about what I do."