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One-of-a-kind but elegant
They say there is nothing new under the sun, and too many custom jewelery designs sacrifice beauty, comfort, and durability in an effort to prove that wrong.  The Brunswick Fine Jeweler creates custom pieces that distinguish themselves from the mass-produced multitudes, not by being off-the-wall or overly ornate, but through their classic elegance, quality craftsmanship, and exquisite attention to detail.

Made to suit you
Because the cost of jewelery is so much in the materials, the price difference between custom and pre-fab jewelery does not have to be very large. We buy clothing off a rack, eat off a printed menu, and buy cars off the lot for most of our lives. But whether it is a finely tailored suit, a custom pair of cufflinks to go with it, or a pendant made to match your favorite dress, very few things feel as luxurious and special as having something made to suit you.

New pieces from old
Custom jewelery can be a way to bring a new life to a worn out or dated piece that still has sentimental value. Gems can be re-set or metals can be melted and recast into new vibrant pieces. Unable to decide which daughter to give grandma's old-fashion brooch to? Let the Brunswick Fine Jeweler turn that one piece into two updated but classic pieces.
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Custom Jewelery Creations
"Some of us have been blessed with what Mr. Romanation called ‘Good Hands’. It’s the ability to hold a tool, a gentle touch, the ability to make things happen at the workbench. It seems like there are less of us around these days."